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Volume 3

My Side of the Story

Arlington National Cemetery

Revised 6 December 2019 by author Lawrence Eugene Vaughn Jr

Volume 3 is dedicated to the memories of family members who have served in the U.S. military, and those who have dedicated themselves to public service. In Volume 1, Chapter 8, I wrote about my Grandfather William Thomas Vaughn’s military service in France during World War I, and in Chapter 15 of that same volume is details of my father’s service in the WWI Marine Corps and post-war Army National Guard.

Volume 1, comprising Chapters 1-23 are located at Here’s My Side of the Story. In that volume we write about our ancestors, families, and what it was like growing up in oft-flooded Hannibal, Missouri, boyhood home of Mark Twain.

Volume 2 follows our journey through the thick and thin of life’s struggles, challenges and rewards. It is a continuation of the exploration of life’s journey for my darling wife and myself as young to middle age adults, our child-rearing years, careers and passions.

Contents of Volume 3
Chapter 38 – U.S. Navy In World War II
Chapter 39 – James Joseph Hoffman (Navy WWII)
Chapter 40 – Robert Dean Niemeyer (Navy WWII)
Chapter 41 – Voices of Bombing Squadron VB-19 (WWII)
Chapter 42 – U.S. Navy Armed Guard (Navy WWII)
Chapter 43 – August Lee Bergmeier (Navy WWII)
Chapter 44 – Rainbow Division in WWII (U.S. Army-Europe)
Chapter 45 – Wallace Benjamin White Jr (U.S. Navy)
Chapter 46- William Earl Sampson Jr (U.S. Navy)
Other links:
Chapter 8 – William Thomas Vaughn, WWI, France
Chapter 15 – Lawrence Eugene Vaughn, WWII, Post War Service
About the Author:

Lawrence Eugene (Larry) Vaughn Jr is a Hannibal, Missouri native who grew up in the shadows of humorist/writer Mark Twain, the Mississippi river, and annual downtown flooding.

Larry enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1962 during Career Days his senior year of high school. He served 13 years in the Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, initially as a Search and Rescue Pilot, and later as Squadron Commander.

In 1977, he attended War College classes at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Nebraska, and achieved certification as a Mission Coordinator. In this capacity, he participated in numerous statewide Disaster Management exercises with public service and military agencies operating from the Emergency Operations Center in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Through his mission coordination experience, he identified opportunities for improvement in emergency services and contributed to updating the organization’s mission description at C.A.P. headquarters, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. He was thereafter recruited by the former national commander of the Civil Air Patrol to assist in organizing Missouri’s Reserve Military Corps.

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